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Crabby was so mad!

She lived on the shores of Capernaum, where her house was often trampled by the herd of humans who were always in a crazy, mad rush to get to the man they called Jesus.

The crowds of his people crushed her home when they passed through her territory, and today was no different. Once again, her tiny home lay in shambles, and she was raging with irritation, agitation, and a hefty dose of anger toward Jesus and his entire herd!

Jesus knew how angry Crabby was, but she had no idea that he knew she even existed.

There was a massive storm brewing off the shores of Galilee, but it paled in comparison to the storm that was raging in Crabby’s heart.

She had no idea that she was about to come face to face with the very man she blamed for the constant destruction of her tiny home, and that her life was about to be forever changed for the good.

IF, she could survive the storm of her own ferocious anger…

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